Famous People of Catholic FaithMany well-known writers have attended private schools, however Catholic high schools were attended by a little, discerning few. Salinger, for example, attended a private boarding institution that was secular in NYC. This most probably supplied the inspiration. Those who’ve attended Catholic high schools’ list is comparatively brief.

Fitzgerald attended two distinct Christian associations while living in Buffalo. Afterwards, as Tolkien attended the Newman School in New Jersey, among the very esteemed Catholic high schools. Fitzgerald can also be recognized to have come from a well educated and well-honoured family.

Tolkien helped to interpret numerous poems that were Middle English. And, obviously, The Hobbit’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and his novel he helped to shape the present day fantasy story forever. Many Catholic associations were attended by Tolkien in his life.

While Lewis had not been as open as Tolkien Lewis attended a Catholic school during his youth for a brief while. After in life, Tolkien attempted to convince Lewis to convert.

Anthony Burgess is well known for his novel A Clockwork Orange. A writer who published a composer of over 250 musical works, Burgess, as well as more than thirty novels in his career also attended two associations that were Catholic during his youthful life in Manchester, England. Burgess afterwards became a teacher to get a brief while in Malaya before starting work.

As Tolkien would later become among the experimental and very powerful writers. Joyce’s writing would inspire throughout much.

He once said the jazz of Ornette Coleman and Miles Davis have greatly influenced his writings. Cardinal Hayes High School, a spiritual association for lads was attended by Don Delillo in the Bronx.